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Robert Pattinson Suggests Edward Should Be Gay In Next 'Twilight' Film

Could a gay "Twilight" be in the works?

The idea of Edward Cullen engaging in a same-sex romance might break a few teenage girls' hearts, but that's exactly what series star Robert Pattinson hinted at during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres ahead of "Breaking Dawn Part 2," which is released Nov. 16. After co-star Taylor Lautner pointed out the blockbuster movies have now covered all four of Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight" books, Pattinson said he'd be willing to sign on for another installment -- with a twist.

"I was also thinking another way to do it would be to make it look like 'Will and Grace,' where Edward turns gay," Pattinson joked to DeGeneres. Still, don't exact sparks to fly between Edward (Pattinson) and teen werewolf Jacob (Lautner) anytime soon -- as Pattinson explained, Edward would "stay together" with Bella (Kristen Stewart) in his version.

"They raise the kid and everything," he explained.

Though it's unlikely this version of "Twilight" would ever hit the big screen, it wouldn't be the first time the 26-year-old Pattinson has played gay. His 2008 film "Little Ashes" featured a number of steamy, man-on-man love scenes with co-star Javier Beltran.

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