Robert Reich Says Donald Trump Poses A Large But Temporary Problem

"He will be out of office in four years, or be impeached," the former labor secretary said.

Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich said in an interview posted online Tuesday that he believes President Donald Trump won’t remain in office after 2020.

Trump is a “fraud” and a “fake populist” who posed an admittedly “large” but “temporary” problem, Reich told Attn: editor-in-chief Matthew Segal.

“He will be out of office in four years, or be impeached,” said Reich, who served in the Cabinet of President Bill Clinton. “Because somebody who has that huge sense of entitlement is going to overstep the bounds.”

Reich, who is now a public policy professor at University of California, Berkeley, acknowledged he has no evidence that Trump intends to break the law. But he said the new president probably would end up doing so “simply because he thinks the law doesn’t apply to him.”

Commenting on Trump’s Cabinet choices, Reich criticized the former reality TV personality for “staffing his government with people who don’t believe in what the government does” ― and also cautioned that allowing economic inequality to worsen would be “unforgivable.”

Check out the full interview above.

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