Ex-Labor Secretary Exposes The Truth Behind One Of Donald Trump’s ‘Biggest Whoppers’

Robert Reich explained how Trump has "made the swamp even swampier" in a new video.

Robert Reich in a new video breaks down how President Donald Trump has failed to deliver on one of his big 2016 campaign promises — to “drain the swamp” by eliminating government corruption.

It “seems like forever ago” that Trump made the vow, the former labor secretary in President Bill Clinton’s administration says in the four-minute explainer that he posted online Tuesday.

“It turns out that was one of the biggest whoppers in modern American politics,” continues Reich, who has become a fierce critic of the Trump administration.

He then notes five ways Trump has “made the swamp even swampier” — from packing his administration with former lobbyists and corporate executives to catering to megadonors and industry titans instead of the American people.

Check out the clip here:

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