Robert Reich Explains How DNC Is Royally Screwing Over Bernie Sanders

In an email addressed to members of the progressive group, Democracy for America, former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich explains why Bernie Sanders needs their help.

Brian --

Progressives are justifiably outraged at what appears to be a power play by the Democratic establishment. Over just the past couple of hours, more than 50,000 DFA members have signed on to stand with Bernie Sanders against it.

Every moment that the Sanders campaign is blocked from using its own voter file data hurts his campaign deeply. We need to build momentum NOW: Will you share Democracy for America's petition telling the DNC to restore Bernie's access to the voter file on Facebook now?

It seems like the DNC is doing all it can to blunt the momentum of Bernie's campaign -- just 24 hours after it received major endorsements from DFA and the Communication Workers of America.

First, the DNC refused to schedule an appropriate number of debates -- and hid the ones they did schedule by setting them up near holidays or on weekend nights.

Now, in a huge overreaction to a situation involving a security glitch by a data vendor, the DNC has completely removed the Sanders campaign's access to its very own voter file data -- and they won't say when or if they will give it back.

Not having access to this data for the upcoming primary process in 2016 would seriously cripple the Sanders campaign. This is unacceptable.

The Democratic Party establishment may not want Bernie in the race, but it cannot and must not drown out the voices of the people. Help us send a clear message to the DNC by sharing DFA's petition on Facebook now.

Robert Reich
Former Secretary of Labor

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