William Barr Is Turning U.S. Into Dictatorship, Says Ex-Labor Secretary

Robert Reich calls on the attorney general to resign “for the sake of our democracy” in a new video.

Robert Reich calls for William Barr to quit “for the sake of our democracy” in a new video that argues the attorney general is helping President Donald Trump turn America into a dictatorship.

Reich, who was labor secretary under President Bill Clinton, accuses Barr of corrupting and politicizing the Department of Justice by “working hand in hand with Donald Trump to bend federal law enforcement to the president’s will” in the video he shared online Tuesday.

He lists five examples of what he calls Barr’s corruption, from intervening in prosecutors’ sentencing recommendation of Trump’s longtime ally Roger Stone to misleading the public about the contents of former special counsel Robert Mueller’s report into Russia election interference.

Check out the video here: