Man Allegedly Steals Police Cruiser, Wrecks It, Opens Fire On Deputies

Authorities in Mississippi say that a man who crashed his vehicle during a police chase stole a cruiser, which he also wrecked before returning to fire at deputies.

The ordeal began when Robert Robinson, 26, was pulled over for erratic driving around 3 a.m., Saturday, on Highway 61 in Lorman, police said.

When deputies approached Robinson's car, the suspect sped off and crashed. Robinson ran away as a male passenger in the vehicle surrendered.

Moments later, Robinson snuck into a patrol car and fled the scene, according to the Times-Picayune. Robinson later returned in yet another vehicle and opened fire on deputies. The police cruiser was eventually found in a ditch.

Jefferson County Sheriff Peter Walker said he hadn't seen a case unfold like this before.

"Never dealt with a situation where a person would steal a vehicle and return to the scene and fire shots. That's very unusual. It's my belief that person is ... on something, some type of drugs," Sheriff Walker told MSNewsNow.

No officers were hurt in the shooting, WJTV reports.

Robinson was arrested and faces charges including possession of a controlled substance and assaulting a law enforcement officer, according to WAPT.




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