Robert Scoble Loves Google Glass Because It 'Pisses Everybody Off'

What does Robert Scoble love so much about Google Glass? For one thing, he loves "that it pisses everybody off."

The blogger and Glass enthusiast joined HuffPost Live host Mike Sacks for an interview on Wednesday. Robert Scoble is probably Google Glass's No. 1 supporter (who doesn't work for Google). He's at least its most outspoken.

"Having it on changes your life," he told HuffPost in an interview a few weeks ago. "It's like the first time you saw a personal computer." Scoble compared his beloved Google Glass to Apple's first mass-market computer, 1977's Apple II.

He reiterated the point on HuffPost Live. "People even back then said 'personal computers are never going to be mainstream," Scoble said. "In fact, Wozniak's own boss at HP said 'these things will never sell.'"

There are a lot of high profile Google Glass haters out there, so Scoble has a lot of people to convince. One of those people is Apple CEO Tim Cook, who openly criticized Glass at AllThingsD's conference on Tuesday. Cook feels that while wearable tech is fascinating, Glass isn't the way to go. The wrist, on the other hand, is "somewhat natural" for tech.

Say what you want, but it's clear nobody is wrenching those glasses of Robert Scoble's face. Nobody.

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