Artist Turns iTunes Terms Of Service Into Badass Comics

Prepare to be impressed by unending legal jargon for the first time in your life.

"Awesome" and "inspiring" probably aren't the words that leap to mind when you scroll through Apple's iTunes contract -- but that's about to change.

Artist Robert Sikoryak has been converting the "unabridged" legal text you agree to when installing iTunes into a series of gorgeous comic parodies on a Tumblr called "iTunes Terms and Conditions: The Graphic Novel." He posts a new page every day and expects the series to run for a total of 94 pages.

Each image is a sendup of work from legendary comic artists like Will Eisner and Jim Steranko. (Some perhaps less legendary but still famous creators are parodied, as well, like Garfield's Jim Davis.)

Sikoryak shared a sample of his work with The Huffington Post that you can feast your eyes on below. If nothing else, these comics serve to highlight both the absurdity of iTunes' terms and the immense talent of Sikoryak, who's perhaps best known for Masterpiece Comics.

Check it out: