Robert Stolarik, New York Times Photographer, Gets Credentials Back After Alleged Assault By NYPD

Robert Stolarik, the New York Times photographer who was allegedly assaulted by the NYPD, got his press credentials back on Thursday.

The NYPD seized Stolarik's equipment and credentials after his arrest earlier this month. The photographer clashed with police officers while on assignment on the Bronx. He said that he was dragged to the ground and beaten, while NYPD claimed that he was resisting arrest and obstructing government administration.

The department returned Stolark's cameras last week. The return of his credentials, however, does not signal the end of his battle with the NYPD. "Getting my gear back was the first step and now I have my credentials," Stolarik told the National Press Photographers Association. "The next part of this process will be getting the charges dropped."

The NPPA reports that this latest development comes as a result of efforts by New York Times attorney George Freeman and NPPA general counsel Mickey Osterreicher. Osterreicher said that they were "appreciative" that the NYPD changed their position on Stolarik's credentials, but promised to "work very diligently to see that the charges are dismissed.”

"We hope the department uses this incident as a teachable moment in improving police-press relations in NY,” he added.



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