Wingsuited Model Soars Between Two Skyscrapers In Death-Defying Stunt

Roberta Mancino rules in this terrifying video.

Wingsuit pilot Roberta Mancino soared between two skyscrapers in Panama City for her latest death-defying stunt.

Breathtaking footage posted online Thursday shows the daredevil model, who is from Italy but now based in Los Angeles, leaping from a helicopter.

She flies toward the two tall buildings, which appear to be just yards apart.

There seems to be a worrying wobble, but Mancino regains control and dives through the gap before emerging safely on the other side. 

If you are going to fly with your Wingsuit in between buildings make sure that there is not so much wind the turbolenze...

Posted by Mancino Roberta on Thursday, December 17, 2015

Mancino, who once tested Bobbi Brown makeup during a BASE jump, filmed the astonishing clip with a GoPro camera strapped to her jewel-encrusted helmet. 

"If you are going to fly with your wing suit in between buildings make sure that there is not so much wind the turbulence can be crazy!" she said on Facebook.

"But if you decide to do it because [it] is the only day that you can, then you better fly like a little boss," she added.

Mancino is no stranger to extreme sports, and previously swam with 30-foot whale sharks and crocodiles for fashion shoots.

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