Roberta McCain Chimes In On Britney-Paris Ad

Sen. John McCain may be "proud" of the Paris Hilton/Britney Spears ad released this week, but his feisty 96-year-old mother apparently disagrees.

Roberta McCain was a featured guest at a McCain campaign event on Thursday afternoon at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington DC. The Huffington Post obtained some audio of an exchange after the event where Mrs. McCain is asked about the Paris Hilton ad.

"Oh, well, I didn't see it -- I think it's kinda stupid," she says. "I'm just too old-hat for it. In fact, the other two, I didn't even know who they were. I knew who Paris Hilton was, but then there were other two young girls..." (Someone informed Mrs. McCain that there were only two women in the ad, and that the other was Britney Spears.)

Within a few moments, Roberta was back on message. An acquaintance noted the statement from Rick Davis that was "going to be in the headlines tomorrow," criticizing Obama "for injecting racism into the campaign."

"Oh, he definitely did," Roberta responded.

Audio here.