Roberto Cavalli: 'Karl Lagerfeld, He Looks Ridiculous' (PHOTOS)

Roberto Cavalli Thinks Karl Lagerfeld Looks "Ridiculous"

Roberto Cavalli doesn't have much of a filter. The Italian designer has been known to run his mouth in both interviews and tweets, from declaring "I'll have sex 15,000 times before I die" to dissing Anna Wintour.

His latest bone to pick is with legendary designer Karl Lagerfeld. The Telegraph reports that Cavalli called out the Chanel figurehead's iconic look in an interview with Hunger Magazine. Here's what he had to say:

"Just because you are an artist you don't have to dress like that. Karl Lagerfeld, he looks ridiculous."

Whoa there. The two colleagues do dress in opposing styles. For starters, we rarely see Lagerfeld without a white collared shirt buttoned up all the way, while Cavalli prefers a decidedly unbuttoned look. Oh, and we all know how much Lagerfeld likes his accessories. Each man sticks to a signature style that works for him. Maybe Lagerfeld's look is not Cavalli's cup of tea, but we'd expect that an established designer would know and appreciate differences in aesthetics.

Examine the designers' dueling looks below -- and check out Cavalli's costumed take on Lagerfeld's style. Who looks most "ridiculous" to you?


roberto cavalli karl lagerfeld


roberto cavalli karl lagerfeld

Cavalli as Lagerfeld:

roberto cavalli karl lagerfeld

Carl's no nice guy himself:

Karl On Japanese People

Karl's Crazy Comments

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