Robin And Lesley Palmer, U.K. Couple, Win $3.3M Lottery Same Week Their Home Floods

For the second time this month, a U.K. couple has found fortune in the odds of the lottery.

Robin and Lesley Palmer had been playing £10 (about $15) on the same numbers twice a week since the U.K. lottery started in 1994 -- 5, 14, 24, 26, 37.

But the lottery was the last thing on their minds after a torrential downpour flooded their village in West Yorkshire, U.K., on the evening of June 9.

They spent the next six days cleaning their home and helping repair the damage to the rest of the community. It wasn't until Friday that Lesley, 62, had a chance to check her numbers.

At first she thought she had won £2,000, reports The Sun. But a phone call from the Palmers' daughter, who had checked the numbers again to be sure, revealed their pot was much higher than expected.

"I couldn’t believe it. I still can’t now," Palmer said. She told the Mirror that she plans to buy a new car, take a vacation and renovate the couple's home with the money.

Last week, another U.K. couple came out on top when John Ord and his wife Karen won the lottery on separate tickets bought independently, but with the same numbers (a combination of their favorite numbers and their family's birthdays). While Mrs. Ord was buying a ticket at the post office, she didn't know Mr. Ord was also buying one from a newsagent for her. They each took home checks for $92,527.

Group lotto wins aren't uncommon. An entire village in Spain won shares of a $940 million jackpot in February -- save for one unfortunate man who was overlooked when the tickets were being sold.

Nor are repeat wins. A CNN producer won $1 million just months after winning $100,000 from the Georgia Lottery.

Robin and Lesley Palmer toast their lotto win:

Robin and Lesley Palmer
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