Robin Carnahan Takes On Fox News

Breaking news in the Show Me state: Robin Carnahan has decided to go toe to toe with Fox News in a legal case with major political ramifications going forward. The ad, which you can see here, and which the Carnahan campaign has chosen to leave on the air in spite of Fox News legal threats, is of an interview on Fox News with Chris Wallace where Wallace destroys Blunt for his ties to Abramoff and Blunt's own lobbyist girlfriend. Fox is using a law firm to go after the Carnahan campaign which has close ties to Blunt over the last several years, and is hilariously claiming that "The value of [Fox News] reporting is based in part upon the public's faith in the accuracy and integrity of those reports".

Robin Carnahan is taking on the beast here, bravely standing up to their legal threats, and should be supported by the progressive community in doing so. Show her some love for standing up to Fox News.

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