'Robin Hood' Gambler Wins Money In Vegas, Gives It All To Those In Need

A self-made blackjack player who calls himself RobinHood702 (the 702 comes from Las Vegas' area code), finds those in need and wins hundreds of thousands of dollars at casinos, just for them.

At, people can upload a video of themselves explaining why they need money. Robin Hood 702, who wishes to remain anonymous, chooses those he deems worthy, flies them out to Vegas, then goes to work.

In a report from FOX News, Megan and Kurt Kegler are informed that the Vegas Robin Hood is going to go to work for them. The Kegler's young daughter Madison has a brain tumor, and attempting to keep up with her medical bills have put them $34,000 in debt. They work opposite shifts at a Detroit area Target to help pay the bills.

Robin Hood 702 sent a stretch limo to take them to the airport, put them on a plane -- where they flew first class -- to Vegas, and set them up in a deluxe suite at the Palazzo hotel. Though there were some tense moments, he won more than enough to help cover their expenses. Watch the look on the Kegler's faces as they're presented $35,000 in $100 casino chips.

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