Who Should Play Robin To Ben Affleck's Batman In The 'Man Of Steel' Sequel?

The news of Ben Affleck portraying Batman sparked more heated reactions than any casting decision in recent memory. Which raises the question: What will happen if Warner Bros. decides to bring Robin into the fold as well? Batman's sidekick sort of popped up at the end of "The Dark Knight Rises," but we're, at least, pining for more Robin in the forthcoming "Man of Steel" sequel.

So, who should play him? Well, Matt Damon has already said he won't be taking on the part of Robin. (Neither will Justin Timberlake.) Now that our dreams have crumbled, we're going to make it easier on director Zack Snyder by offering up some suggestions. Any of these gentlemen could be a good fit to play second fiddle to Affleck, but don't let us tell you that. Check out our wish list and sound off the comments section with which actor you'd like to see in the role.

Actors Who Could Play Robin To Ben Affleck's Batman