Robin Roberts Flys Home For Weekend (VIDEO)

Robin Roberts returned home to the Gulf Coast this week to attend a family Super Bowl party.

Roberts, who was an ESPN host before leaving the sports world to co-host "Good Morning America," traveled to New Orleans with colleagues Sam Champion and Josh Elliott.

She was welcomed off the plane by students from her alma mater, Southeastern Louisiana University. "What is New Orleans for you?" Robins was asked.

"It's the culture; it's the food; it's the people. It's home,'" she said. She thanked Champion and Elliott for the ride home, and said she was leaving them in great hands. Celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse rolled up in a convertible to take Elliott and Champion for a ride.

Roberts has not been home since she underwent a bone marrow transplant in September. She has remained off the air since taking medical leave at the end of the summer, but is slowly and cautiously planning her return to the ABC morning show. She was in the studio last week doing "test runs," which included getting back on her former schedule. "I have to get back on 'GMA' time ... That's one thing I have not missed is that alarm clock," she said when she announced her return.

Roberts said she plans to return in February but did not share a specific date. "I should be back sometime in February. Now I have a date in mind that's very personal and very important to me but I will ultimately listen to, of course, what my doctors say and, course, we have to remember we're in the height of flu season. There's a lot of factors still," she said.