Robin Roberts On Hurricane Sandy: 'Please Give Whatever You Can' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Robin Roberts' Personal Message About Sandy

Robin Roberts delivered a deeply personal message about Hurricane Sandy to viewers on Monday.

The "Good Morning America" co-host has been on medical leave since September to receive treatment for MDS, a rare blood and bone marrow disorder. On Monday morning, she briefly appeared on "GMA" to help kick off ABC's day-long efforts to fundraise for Hurricane Sandy relief.

"It was so difficult for me to follow doctors’ orders and stay here at home last week," Roberts said. "I felt so helpless watching all those people, all those families, impacted by Sandy."

She said that the aftermath of the hurricane reminded her of her experience with Katrina in 2005. "I know what it’s like to see your hometown virtually wiped out," Roberts said. "I remember the day after Hurricane Katrina, being there in my beloved home state of Mississippi, walking in the rubble – the coastline unrecognizable. Family members were displaced for months... I also vividly remember so many people coming up to me and asking me the same questions, ‘Does the rest of the country know? Do they know what happened to us? Does anyone care?'"

She implored viewers to donate any amount of money, volunteer their time or help out with relief efforts in any way they could. "Please give whatever you can," Roberts said.

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