Robin Roberts Tweets Update: 'See You VERY Soon'

Will Robin Roberts soon return to our morning television screens?

The "GMA" host tweeted an update to her followers on Wednesday morning, sharing her joy in watching her colleagues start the day, with a little tease at the end (see update below).

Roberts has not appeared on "GMA" since she went on medical leave in the beginning of September. She underwent a bone marrow transplant to treat a rare blood and bone marrow disorder, MDS. Through video messages, "GMA" and Roberts have kept viewers abreast of her progress as she recovered from the transplant.

She has not yet announced a return date to the show, but was recently photographed at co-host Sam Champion's wedding celebration in Manhattan.

UPDATE: Wednesday, 12:45 p.m. -- Roberts updated her Facebook page and indicated that she will be returning to "GMA" soon. She wrote:

Wonderful Wednesday..I received very encouraging news from my doctors. They are extremely pleased with my recovery. I am getting stronger every day. I'm humbled by the speculation of my return to GMA. My family and I are grateful that GMA/ABC's only concern is my full recovery. It's a great comfort not to feel pressured and a BLESSING to know I have a job waiting for me. Unfortunately not everyone in my situation can say that. Let's keep them in our thoughts and prayers. In the coming days on GMA we will give you details about my return. I'm so excited! Thank you for your patience and continued prayers.
'All will be serene in 2013' XO

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