Robin Williams Graffiti Art Appears In Serbia (PHOTO)

Robin Williams Memorial Pops Up In Serbia

As fans of Robin Williams mourn the actor's passing, memorials to the beloved comedian have popped up all around the world.

The most recent addition to the growing collection of tributes appeared Wednesday in Serbia. Unidentified street artists painted a graffiti mural of William's face on a wall under the Brankov Bridge in Belgrade overnight.

Fans of the late actor quickly shared the touching tribute on Reddit and social media.

Small memorials to the Academy Award-winning actor, who was found dead in his California home Monday, have appeared on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, outside his home and at real-life locations of some of his famous movie scenes. In Massachusetts, Bostonians penned chalk messages near the iconic bench featured in "Good Will Hunting" to memorialize the funnyman.

UPDATE: An RT video showing footage of the artwork previously included in this post has since been removed from YouTube.

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