Robin Williams Once Compared Wall Street Traders To 'Junkies'

One of the less-famous bits of the late, great comic and actor Robin Williams was a perfectly on-point riff on Wall Street, delivered just after the financial crisis.

"I talk to them about being like a group of junkies who have relapsed, going, 'Listen, my man, I just need some liquidity, you know what I'm saying,'" Williams said, mimicking a Wall Street trader, in an interview with Charlie Rose that took place back in December 2009.

Rose had asked Williams his thoughts on "Wall Street people," which launched Williams into a minute-long routine.

"I just ran into some bad subprime, you know," Williams said, still playing the Wall Street junkie. "We just had complex formulas, we just didn't factor in greed and panic.

"I just need $805 billion by Tuesday. No, seriously. I would not screw you again," he continued.