You WiIll Be Missed, Robin Williams

Hearing about the death of Robin Williams has awakened many thoughts in my head. It is a huge loss to not just the entertainment world, but to the world in general. It is because his roles always made people smile. It seemed like he always opted to play characters that were complex yet in doing them, he made the world a better place. He took on these roles and walked into the hearts of millions of people across the world.

It is being said that it was an "apparent suicide." I think that is the shocker for most people. Like many others I have numerous questions like how someone who is so loved by millions of people around the world, be so sad from the inside to take on his own life. How can someone who can bring us so much joy, not have a spark of it in his own soul to survive the demons of depression?

I had to remind myself that no matter how much fame, wealth or appreciation we get as humans, the bigger demon is what lives inside of us. It is our own brain that tends to tell us that we aren't good enough or that we are just not worthy of being happy.

We live in a world where our younger generation, seems to believe that fast fame through whatever means is the way to spend your life. They are being cast on silly reality shows, going on shooting sprees, hurting others and doing whatever they have to do to be recognized by the world. Then on the other hand we have artists like Robin Williams, Whitney Houston and many more who worked years and years to achieve the mastery and success they had. Yet that fame and wealth didn't give them the peace of mind. After all they were only human, and as a society we put our celebrities at a super human level. We think they are perfectly happy and they don't have the "little" problems like us common people do. Just like us they cry, feel inadequate and insecure, and deep down want to be loved.

Robin Williams we will truly miss you -- the way you made us smile and brought joy to our hearts. We just wish you could love yourself the way we loved you!