There's A Charming Treehouse Colony In Germany, Calling Your Name

Obey the wind. 🍃🍂

This is Robin's Nest Hotel in Hessen, Germany. It's far from civilization: You'll have to travel snaking roads up a mountain until you reach the forested alcove of incredible treehouse structures. Owner Peter Becker built them as a hotel after realizing he was "missing something" in the busy city, as he told online magazine iGNANT.

Robin's Nest includes three treehouses, including one bubble treehouse. Becker constructed them with his own two hands and a few friends. He buys fresh bread for his guests every morning, and he hosts campfire BBQs most evenings.

You can rent the treehouses by the night, but we're inclined to stay FOREVER.

The Robin's Nest treehouses sleep two to four guests each, and they start at rates of about $166 per night. After a rest in the forest, you'll also be able to explore the quaint Old Town in Hanover or Frankfurt's buzzy skyline -- both cities are about two hours' drive from Robin's Nest.

But if you'd rather stay in a domestic tree...

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