Robinson Cano Booed: Royals Fans Angered Over Home Run Derby Snub Of Billy Butler (VIDEO)

By Chris Yuscavage, Complex Sports

A few weeks ago, Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano, who was slated to serve as the American League captain at the 2012 MLB Home Run Derby in Kansas City, announced that he was thinking about inviting Royals designated hitter Billy Butler to participate in the Derby. But, Butler didn't end up making the cut for Cano's crew.

So, when Cano stepped into the batter's box last night during the first round of the Derby, the KC crowd really let him have it. They started booing him, kept booing him, booed him some more, and then -- after he failed to hit a single home run during his at-bat -- they let out a huge round of applause.

And, while Cano tried to say that all the booing didn't bother him during an interview with ESPN after the first round, it clearly didn't help him. Mission accomplished, KC.



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