If The Future Of Art Is Robotics, At Least It Will Be Adorable

If The Future Of Art Is Robotics, At Least It Will Be Adorable

Meet Robo Faber, the teeny tiny robot artist that is creating random drawings for your human viewing pleasure. He may look like a roomba vacuum or those stick 'n click light fixtures, but he's actually the product of Los Angeles-based designer Matthias Dörfelt.

The artist explained his miniature device, which creates artworks called "Mechanical Parts," to Creative Applications:

I really like that it is in a way a portion of my creative thinking and practice distilled inside of robo faber, frozen in time. Even if I won’t like the drawings thirty years from now, robo faber will still draw and create in a way I though about things now, thirty years earlier.

Essentially, each of Robo Farber's drawings are algorithm-generated images that fulfill the tiny bot's M.O. as an "autonomous drawing robot determined to reproduce." Watch the little guy do its thing in the video above. We humbly suggest a few nicknames for the precocious piece of technology. Dare we say, Robot Rauschenberg or Peter Paul Robots? Sand-Robot-icceli?

Are you drawing yourself with arms, little buddy?

Mmm, maybe not.

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