'Robogeddon': James Cameron And Mark Burnett Team Up For Discovery Series On Fighting Robots (Yes, Really)

Comedy Central already has "BattleBots," but that won't stop Discovery from getting into the nerdcore fightnight market. The network has announced that James Cameron and Mark Burnett will create "Robogeddon," a series in which robots fight to mechanical death.

The Wrap reports that Discovery made the announcement at its upfront on Thursday. Interestingly, the network did not mention "Robogeddon" in the press release announcing their slate of productions for the upcoming year. We suppose if you have the director of two of history's biggest films lurking around in your stable, you might as well hold the news for a surprise.

Those two films have kept Cameron in the news quite a bit recently. "Titanic 3-D" surged into theaters on Wednesday and faces worthy box office competition in the likes of a still-strong "Hunger Games" and "American Reunion," which opens today.

The sequel to "Avatar," Cameron's other small indie film, may be pushed to 2015, according to producer Jon Landau. Though the film was expected to hit theaters in December of 2014, Landau insists a firm date was never set and that the film can't technically be "delayed."

"Robogeddon" could be good news for Discovery, as everyone can't seem to get enough James Cameron. Case in point: Harper's Bazaar did a fashion send-up of his films, styling a shoot on "Titanic," "Alien," "Terminator" and, of course, "Avatar."

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