Robotic Chefs Are The Future, From Omelettes To Sushi (VIDEOS)

WATCH: 14 Reasons Robot Chefs Are The Future

Fears over a potential zombie apocalypse are just now dying down, but here's a new horror for you to obsess over: A robot apocalypse!

We're fairly certain the plot of the movie "I, Robot" isn't coming true anytime soon, but we have noticed a proliferation of robots creeping into our daily lives. Namely, in the kitchen.

Scientists, tech wizards and entrepreneurs alike have been coming up with robotic chefs -- and others with food and drink functions -- in recent years, and we've compiled 14 of our favorite ones in action. They still have a few kinks to work out; even the best ones look a little goofy.

Click through the gallery below for a robotic vision of the future.

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