Robot Dance-Off: Dancing Robots Compete At Japan Expo (VIDEO)

*See video below* The ROBO-ONE GATE competition at Tokyo's International Robot Exhibition featured an unusual kind of competition: a robot dance-off.

Biped robots hopped, shimmied, and jammed to pop songs (including Michael Jackson's "Thriller"), as well as traditional Japanese tunes.

Watch the robotic competitors strut their stuff in the videos below, which feature a Kimono-clad robot doing a fan dance, a break-dancing robot, and a life-size humanoid 'bot.

First place went to Ryuki II, dancing to the song "Joyful, Ikimonogakari," and Black Tiger Neo, performing to "Thriller," won second.

See the winning robots in the videos below, and check out amazing pictures of more robots at the International Robot Exhibition here.

Robot dancing

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