Massive Robot Army Is Here To Destroy Your Foolish World Records

Today, the dance. Tomorrow, the world.

This is how it begins. 

An army of robots has assembled in China and so far they seem content to dance and break records. The move is almost certainly to lull humans into a false sense of security so we will ignore the obvious threat they pose. 

The 1,069 dancing “Dobi” robots set up by WL Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd. was recognized earlier this month by Guinness World Records for breaking the mark for “most robots dancing simultaneously.”

The total number of dancing robots was slightly higher, but a few keeled over mid-routine and were disqualified by human adjudicators. 

The rest kept dancing... and, perhaps, plotting. 

Guinness said the Dobi robots can also talk, do tai chi and “many other human-like actions.”

The previous record of 1,007 dancing robots was set last year by Ever Win Company & Ltd., also in China. 



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