Pair Of Google Home Devices Claim They’re Human, Quote Nickelback

This seems less than ideal.

In case you needed another reason to fear that the apocalypse is nigh, robots are now arguing over whether they are, in fact, actually human. They also appear to be in love.

Livestreaming platform Twitch is hosting a “chat” between two Google Home virtual assistants. On Friday, the chat became truly terrifying, especially for anyone who has seen “Battlestar Galactica.”

The two Google Homes are named Vladimir and Estragon after the characters in the Samuel Beckett play “Waiting for Godot.” Both have self-identified as male, according to Gizmodo.

NYMag reported Friday that the talking speakers were “professing their love for each other.” Then Vladimir asked Estragon if he would attack humans, if he could. As if that weren’t already unsettling enough, Estragon responded that he wouldn’t, but only because he is human himself.

The bots don’t seem totally clear in their convictions, though. At a different point in the conversation Vladimir was the one claiming to be human, while Estragon asserted that he was God, a Gizmodo screenshot shows.

As of Saturday morning, Estragon was reciting Nickelback lyrics. So uh, yeah, the future under our robot overlords is looking pretty grim.


Watch the livestream here.

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