What Men Need To Understand About Everyday Sexual Harassment, In One Perfect Comic

If you've ever had a hard time explaining why a man telling you to "Smile!" on the street is harassment, this comic says it all.

Artist Robot Hugs created a longform webcomic inspired by a friend's well-meaning question about sexist treatment of women. "A friend asked why he didn't see many instances of harassment, and it led me to think about why the culture of everyday sexism and harassment is so visible and real to women and femmefolk yet so invisible to many men," the artist told The Huffington Post in an email.

The resulting comic covers everything from street harassment to legislative control over women's bodies, and offers bystanders a way to push back against harmful narratives.

"I believe it's always good when topics such as rape culture, sexism, and harassment are explored and discussed," Robot Hugs told HuffPost. "And if I can produce something that resonates with the people invested in those discussions, then I'm happy."

We're happy, too. Check out the full, amazing comic below.

sexual harassment
sexual harassment
sexual harassment

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