Robotic Sex Doll Will Teach Dentists In Training (VIDEO)

WATCH: Robotic Sex Doll Will Teach Dentists In Training

While they typically offer discounts, most of us still don't want to play test dummy to dentists-in-training.

But since they do have to learn, not just dental basics but how to deal with live patients it can pose a problem.

Dental students across the globe could be using a very life-life robot called Showa Hanako 2, who was revealed at a press conference in Japan on Wednesday, reports New Scientist. She's so lifelike that she's made from the same material as the Love Dolls produced by Orient Industry.

According to the video, the robot was created by researchers at Showa University in Japan, and responds the same way human patients would during dental procedures - she flinches, squirms and yes, even has a gag reflex.

The robot even has voice recognition that allows students to practice the banal banter you usually have with your dentist. After the procedure is complete, the robot stores and analyzes how well the student performed and gives feedback that's available online.

According to New Scientist, Showa Hanako 2 will go on sale first in Japan later this year for an undisclosed sum.

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