The Future Of Weddings Involves Robots (Yep, Really)

Can't make it to your cousin's wedding halfway around the world? No problem, you can send a robot in your stead.

The New York Times reports that tech-savvy brides and grooms are incorporating the Wall-E-esque inventions into their weddings as ring bearers and officiants. Even more impressive, the robotic technology is being used to create avatars for guests who can't make the actual wedding, so they can be there in spirit -- and on live video feed.

When Sam Vilain and Melia Megg married last June in California, they wanted friends in New Zealand to experience the ceremony as well, so they rented robots from Anybots, a company based in Santa Clara, CA.

Outfitted with webcams, the robots -- which were controlled by friends watching in New Zealand with a specialized computer app -- were able to interact with fellow guests and bust a move on the dance floor. The total cost per Anybot is $325 per day.

Megg told Good Morning America, "I was afraid that someone would crash the robots in to one of our wedding guests or drive it off in to the pool and break it ... but actually it turned out great.”

Russell O’Neill had a similar thought in 2011 when he couldn't make his father's Australian wedding. He built a robot avatar himself -- all for about $50 -- which attended the ceremony in his place, while he watched from a basement in Canada.

Of the experience, O'Neill told The New York Times, "I was unconsciously turning my head to talk to people and realizing I’m in a cold, dark basement and it’s 1 in the morning."

Watch the video above for more on this high tech trend. Then, let us know in the comments: would you want robots at your wedding?

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Time-Saving Robots