Robots Creepiest When Most Human-Like (VIDEOS)

WATCH: 11 Super-Creepy Almost-Human Robots

Some humanoid robots now in development are so realistic that they make you wonder if some of your friends have circuit boards behind their faces.

In the slideshow below, we've selected 11 of our favorite creepy robot videos, featuring bots that range from adorable-creepy to scary-creepy. Which bot makes you antsiest? Please take a minute to vote.

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Before people are willing to welcome robots into their lives, robotics engineers may have to overcome the creep factor in their creations. Roboticists have a term for this creep factor. The "uncanny valley" hypothesis states that robots appearing nearly-human are much more unsettling than those that don't look human at all.

The little things are what creep us out—an odd eyelid twitch, maybe, or an unfamiliar expression. It's why Wall-E didn't make critics uncomfortable but the strange almost-people in The Polar Express did.

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