Robots Can Apply For Driver's Licenses In Nevada (VIDEO)

WATCH: Robots Can Apply For Driver's Licenses In Nevada

Nevada allows gambling, prostitution and, now, robot driver's licenses.

As of March 1, the state allows robot researchers to apply for a special license allowing them to test robotic vehicles on open roads, according to, which sayid the cars driven by the robots will be marked with a red license plate during the testing phase.

Once the robot drivers prove their metal -- er, mettle -- the license plates will change to green.

Nevada governor Brian Sandoval signed A.B. 511 into law last June after Google pushed a campaign to give androids the right to the same access to roads as humanoids. Robotic Prius cars are already driving semi-legally in California, according to

The robot drivers have already driven more than 200,000 miles in California semi-legally, but experts believe Nevada's openess will help researchers perfect the robotic technology.

The state may have hit the jackpot with this law: anyone who wants a robot car license has to post a bond in excess of $1 million to ensure against damage and they have to provide the Nevada DMV with a detailed report on what they are testing with each car.

It could take years before robotic cars are a reality but correspondent Maureen Aladin anticipates they will be an improvement over humans.

"At least with robots, there won't be any human error," she said. "No robot profiling, texting while driving or road rage."

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