Ruby Rose To Play Litchfield Inmate In 'OITNB' Season 3

Australian model and DJ Ruby Rose will play a new Litchfield inmate in the upcoming season of "Orange Is the New Black." BuzzFeed confirmed the casting news with Netflix Monday after Rose spoke about her role in an interview with Elle magazine.

Netflix told Buzzfeed that Rose will play Stella Carlin, a new addition to Litchfield who draws interest from fellow inmates with her "sarcastic sense of humor and captivating looks."

The model made headlines in July when she released a short film that powerfully explored the way gender is performed in our culture. Soon after, she shared a message via Facebook:

You know what needs to stop just as much as homophobia, bullying within the LGBT Community... A 'bisexual' isn't just greedy.. 'Pansexual' exists and isn't a cop out.. 'Straight' people can be gay huge advocates and blessings to the community... you can identify as trans without surgery, you can be gender fluid... in fact guess what... you can be whoever you are and like whoever you like and WE should spread the love and acceptance we constantly say we don't receive.

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