Robyn Foster Arrested (VIDEO): University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Student Yells At Students, Professor

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee student Robyn Foster may have crossed the line last Monday, March 15, during a discussion with Anthropology professor Kathleen Foley Winkler.

In a video posted to YouTube, a student identified as Foster yells back-and-forth with Foley Winkler, who remains off camera, reportedly arguing over the wording of a question on a recent exam.

Things got heated and when a fellow student told Foster to sit down. Foster allegedly threw a water bottle at the student, compelling the professor to call campus police. That's when an unnamed fellow student and intern at a Milwaukee TV station began recording the incident.

Campus police arrived and took Foster to the ground when she refused to leave the classroom. Foster now faces a charge of disorderly conduct. A witness told WTMJ radio that before calling police, Foley Winkler gave Foster "four or five chances" to leave the classroom on her own.

UWM officials and a witness described the exchange to radio station WTMJ:

A witness says another student told Foster to sit down. Foster responded by throwing a water bottle at the other student. Foster was allegedly swearing at both fellow students and the instructor. The instructor then called UWM police.

That's when a student sitting near Foster began recording on her camera.

"I don't have to leave nowhere. I paid to ****ing be here. What are you talking about?" Foster says to the instructor, in the video posted on YouTube.

"You're disrupting and you're threatening students," the instructor, identified as Kathleen Foley-Winkler, responds.

"No, I'm not! I threatened this ***** right here," the student says, pointing to a classmate.