Don't Have Sex In My Pub's Parking Lot, Angry Landlady Warns

...Or the surveillance footage will be posted online.

Enough is enough for this landlady.

Louise Fenlon is sick of people having sex in the parking lot of her pub, The Three Arrows Inn near Rochdale in northern England.

On Wednesday, the mother of two posted a picture to Facebook of a man's soiled underpants that she found dumped outside her business. Now she's threatening to upload footage of the filthy exploits captured via her surveillance cameras.

"DOGGERS!!! Please be aware my CCTV reaches all off my carpark!! It's bad enough I have to endure the footage. But please do not leave your dirty underpants size XXXL on my grounds!!" Fenlon wrote.

"It's no fun picking them up in the morning. But will be very funny posting the footage on Facebook xxx love Louise the landlady xx," she added.

Fenlon said she does a daily morning sweep of the lot to clean any detritus from the previous evening's seedy sex sessions.

"Condoms, underwear, baby wipes. It's disgusting, but we're a family pub and I have two young children so it has to be cleaned up," she told the Manchester Evening News.

Fenlon said copulating couples congregate in the secluded lot "every night, regardless of what day it is," and some are even customers.

"One time I was going to pick my children up from school, it was 3.20 p.m., broad daylight, and there was a couple there," she told the newspaper. "I knocked on the window and they just looked at me. Later that night they even came in for a meal."

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