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Here's What Legendary Rock Bands Look Like Morphed Into One Face -- And It's Kinda Spooky

Like the Beatles song goes, we've just seen a face we can't forget. But it isn't one of the Fab Four -- it's all of them mashed together.

Below are famous rock bands, each blended into one composite facial image of its members.

West Coast Shaving, a company that's all about men's faces, is behind the "Average Faces Of Rock" project. "Often times the lead singer of a rock band is known as the 'face' of the group," staff wrote in a blog post, "but what if you were to combine each of the members into one person?"

According to a rep, the staff "had to find clear head shots of every single member in each band, and with 30 bands you can imagine the time this took. Once the images were compiled they used a software program that combined the photos and created the composites."

The company wrote: "We wanted to include KISS with makeup, however the result was just a white and black mess. As for ZZ Top, that image was simple a mashup of sunglasses and facial hair."

Maybe next time.

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