'Rock Center' Unveils First Story List

NBC News released the list of stories that its upcoming newsmagazine, "Rock Center," will feature when it makes its debut on Monday.

Besides host Brian Williams, the first episode will feature correspondents Kate Snow, Richard Engel and Harry Smith, who all seem to be tackling hard (or hard-ish) subjects. There's also what appears to be a closing, more light-hearted segement about airline boarding.

The list, as laid out by NBC:

Kate Snow investigates a new industry: women paying big bucks to come from China to America in order to give birth and go home with US citizenship.

Richard Engel makes a dangerous trip into Syria to report on the anti-government activists who refuse to give up or give in.

Harry Smith takes us to the one place in America with a NEGATIVE unemployment rate; if you have a pulse, you have a job.

And, there's a new way to end the agony that is the airline boarding process!

"Rock Center" is ramping up its PR push, running multiple ads with Williams and the other members of the show's team, including Ted Koppel and Natalie Morales. In addition, the "Today" show is featuring a segment about the show on Thursday.