Rock In Rio Adds Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran and More to First American Lineup

One of the world's largest music festivals is coming to America for the first time, and they're bringing out the big guns.
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One of the world's largest music festivals is coming to America for the first time, and they're bringing out the big guns.

Yesterday, the organizers of Rock In Rio, the Brazilian music festival slowly taking over the globe, announced three new acts that will help make sure that RIR's debut in the USA is as fun as it can be. Concert-goers will enjoy sets by pop stars Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran, as well as soul goddess Joss Stone.


Less than a month ago at a press conference in Times Square (followed immediately by an incredible performance by a Brazilian hard rock group and John Mayer), organizers announced the initial headliners, which are No Doubt, Linkin Park, Taylor Swift, Metallica, Deftones and John Legend.

The company behind Rock In Rio is looking to not only curate one amazing lineup, but also to completely change what going to a festival means in America. For example, instead of your average, everyday tents serving as merchandise and food stores, they are building actual streets, made to looks like cities in America, the UK and Brazil.

In fact, Rock In Rio is transforming what was once a parking lot on the Strip in Las Vegas into something incredible. Called "Rock City", the 37-acre area will not only house Rock In Rio every year, but also other special events during other months.

Over the six stages, there are going to be about 100 artists performing, with the remainder of the lineup being announced sometime next year. For now, the superstars that have already signed on should help shift a healthy number of tickets, which go on sale in January. The festival is so far expecting around 80,000 people to show up per day, so this is no small party.

While this all sounds like a lot for a first run in a new country, Rock in Rio has some experience doing this. The festival is turning 30 next year, and they've seen some massive attendance over the years: 7.4 million festival-goers and over 1 billion people watching at home online.

While there's still plenty to come, Rock In Rio is shaping up to be a festival like nothing we've ever seen in America.

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