Rock 'n' Roll, the '70s and a Camera


DOG DANCE. Upper-case, not lower-case. That's an important take-away from the front cover. Bold, sexual and candid. The book immediately tells you what you're about to witness. Full disclosure: I did not live through the '70s, but the life of Rock 'n' Roll and the '70s live in this book. After reading DOG DANCE, I can say that I feel a bit nostalgic which is hard for me to say since I've never really seen any of these artists live.

As a music photographer, one cannot help but wish you lived through the beginnings of Rock n' Roll. Led Zeppelin, The Runaways, The Ramones and The Beatles are just some of Brad Elterman's subjects in this book. One can argue that these artists paved the way for any and all music produced afterwards. And there's no question that Elterman catches history in every photograph in the book.

Elterman's photographs capture a very unique moment and he has a story for every frame. Though I read the book in one sitting, I found myself going back and reading it every day. It is not your typical music photography book -- it's history. Kids should be reading and referencing it in their music class. Teachers should be telling these stories.

One of my favorite stories that Brad once shared with me is about his Bob Dylan and Robert DeNiro photograph. He was asked to come up stairs of a nightclub to take a photograph of Dylan and a young actor. That young actor happened to be Robert DeNiro. Elterman shared with me that he had no idea who this actor was at the time nor did America.

You're going to feel either two things after reading DOG DANCE: One, I miss those days. Two, I wish I lived during those days. I feel the latter.

What's next for Brad Elterman? He's currently directing a short film based on his life as a teenage photographer. Keep an eye out for updates!