'Rock Paper Scissors' Glove Will Beat You Good (VIDEO)

'Rock Paper Scissors' Glove Will Beat You Good (VIDEO)

The old standby game 'rock paper scissors' has gotten a modern, tech-savvy twist: For those who are serious about the game, 'Glove Hacker' Steve Hoefer has created a wired glove that will allow people to play 'rock paper scissors' on their own.

As Geekosystem reports, the glove sports a motion detector and flex sensors on the middle and ring fingers that read what gesture has been played. The glove displays its own move on a small screen and will keep track of who's winning--(wo)man or machine.

The game not only keeps score but remembers how you play and will learn your style in order to defeat you.

On Hoefer's website, he further breaks down the components of his glove. For the flex sensors, Hoefer used the same sensors from Nintendo's Power glove and his accelerometer is similar to the type used in Wii Remotes and iPhones.

To see the glove in action, check out the video below.

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