'Rocketman' Star Taron Egerton Sings An Elton John Classic In New Featurette

The actor calls playing the rock legend in a new biopic "the greatest joy of my life."

Taron Egerton takes viewers behind the scenes of “Rocketman,” due out May 31, in a new featurette from the hotly anticipated Elton John biopic. 

Egerton’s physical resemblance to the music icon is uncanny in the new clip, released Tuesday and seen above. And fans concerned about whether the actor would have the vocal chops to perform some of John’s songs can rest assured, as he sounds pitch perfect performing the 1971 classic “Tiny Dancer.” 

“Elton’s songs have defined moments in people’s lives,” says Egerton, whose credits include “The Smoke” and “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.” “It’s been the greatest joy of my life, making this film.”

It turns out that “Rocketman” director Dexter Fletcher knows a thing or two about bringing era-defining music icons to the big screen. In 2017, he stepped in to direct “Bohemian Rhapsody” after Bryan Singer was fired. (Singer, however, retained sole directorial credit.) 

Released last fall, “Bohemian Rhapsody” ― which follows the rise of Freddie Mercury and the legendary rock band Queen ― has earned more than $800 million worldwide and received five Academy Award nominations

Calling Egerton “an actor of incredible range,” Fletcher said, “He’s so convincing and his voice is incredible.”  

The rest of the “Rocketman” cast includes Jamie Bell as lyricist Bernie Taupin, Richard Madden as John’s manager and lover, John Reid, and Bryce Dallas Howard as John’s mother, Sheila Eileen. 

"Rocketman" hits theaters May 31. 
"Rocketman" hits theaters May 31.