Houston Rockets Troll LeBron James By Calling James Harden 'The New King' After Testy Game

The Houston Rockets’ official Twitter account ensured on Sunday night that every game the team plays against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers for the rest of the year will be very interesting indeed.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what the Internet refers to as “expert trolling.” For those who don’t know, “King James” is LeBron’s nickname, not James Harden’s, and the tweet was published just hours after the Rockets beat the Cavaliers in an overtime game that was, uh, tense. Like, James-Harden-kicking-LeBron-in-the-balls tense:

Or LeBron-shoving-Patrick-Beverly-to-the-ground tense:

Or whatever-is-going-on-here tense:

Add to all that the fact that LeBron suddenly seems perturbed that he’s not mentioned alongside Harden and Stephen Curry as one of the league’s top MVP candidates, and it appears we have the making of a rather interesting and sort of random rivalry.

LeBron, by the way, missed two key free throws with his team down 103-104 and just 4.2 seconds left in overtime. Later that night, he dealt with the sting of defeat the same way we all do: by posting an intimate selfie to Instagram along with a motivational screed about overcoming adversity:

Long live The King.