Rockies-Diamondbacks Protest: Denver Activists Planning Demonstration Against Arizona Immigration Law

The Arizona Diamondbacks should expect a rude greeting when they arrive at Coors Field to play the Rockies in Denver Wednesday. That's because local activists are planning a protest of the Diamondbacks organization in response to Arizona's controversial new immigration laws.

Arizona's immigration laws, which were signed by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer on April 23, have been called racist and unconstitutional for its requirements that legal immigrants carry their legal papers with them, and that police look into the immigration status of people they think may be in the country illegally.

The law has prompted calls for a boycott of the state from figures throughout the country.

In the wake of the anti-Arizona backlash, the Diamondbacks have come under fire for the owners' support of Republican candidates.

The Diamondbacks have responded to the criticism by arguing that the views of the team's ownership do not reflect the organization.

"The organization doesn't take political positions," a spokesman told "We represent all of our employees, all of our fans, all of our owners, who all have different political affiliations. It would be unfair and unjust for us to even take a position because it can't be reflective upon everybody's views."

Check out photos from Wednesday's protest below: