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Rocking-2-Gether Chair: The Rocking Chair For Pets

As any dog or cat lover knows, nothing beats kicking back with your favorite canine or feline after a long day. Houston-based designer Paul Kweton is looking to create a chair based around this activity, calling it the rocking-2-gether chair (patent pending), a hybrid between a rocking chair and a dog or cat house.

The 2.1 prototype of the chair is made out of CNC milled birch plywood, with a space for a bed or blanket for a pet underneath where the owner would sit. After generating several 3-D models in 2011, Kweton has brought the model to life, even outfitting the rocking chair with the ability to control the spacing on the chairs wooden “ribs” so you can control the visual connection between you and your pet.

Kweton is currently looking for fabricators, manufacturers or distributors to make the product a reality. Until then, the pet hair will be on your couch. Kweton's other projects include a cupholder for bicycles and a magazine holding chair.

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