Out Of Bounds: Queen Latifah, La La Vazquez, Holly Robinson Peete And Jennifer Sterger Talk 'Rocky' (VIDEO)

Memorable lines such as “show me the money” and “there’s no crying in baseball” have landed both "Jerry Maguire" and "A League of Their Own" amongst the list of highest grossing sports movies of all time. During the latest episode of HuffPost Black Voices' sports video series, "Out Of Bounds," Queen Latifah is joined by La La Vazquez, Holly Robinson Peete and model-television personality Jennifer Sterger as they discuss their very own MVP awards for actors that deserve the same recognition as athletes.

While analyzing the top ten highest grossing sports films, the sports enthusiasts shared their thoughts on the Rocky franchise landing in the top three slots. Though the Sylvester Stallone film series was well received by critics and fans the group didn’t feel quite the same.

“I think anytime you try to do sequels and prequels, it’s tricky. You have to do it the right way otherwise it’s almost like leave the original,” La La said before Sterger added, “They got cheesier sometimes as they went along … My boyfriend was so excited, because he was watching the movie with me. And he’s like, ‘so what you think?’ And I go, ‘He didn’t even win.’ He’s like, ‘Jenn he went the distance,’ I’m like, ‘he didn’t even win.’"

Philadelphia native Holly Robinson Peete agreed with the ladies, however she revealed that her children have now taken a liking to the Sylvester Stallone flick.

“I come from the Rocky generation, and actually my kids are starting to watch Rocky One, Rocky Two, they’re walking through the whole thing and they’re so caught up into it,” she said “But you’re right, I don’t know if they translate today.”

Check out more of the "Out Of Bounds" discussion in the exclusive clip above.

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