Celebrating Extraordinary Women

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During this period of the Global Mom Relay, I have been spending time with my dear mother in my native village of Bunbon Nayili in Northern Ghana, West Africa. This is a very emotional time for my family as my father, Koyatu Dawuni's funeral just took place, seven years after his passing. He was the Chief of Bunbon Nayili, so traditionally these funerals take a long time to prepare for. In addition, extenuating cultural circumstances due to the complexities of the chieftaincy system delayed the event. My senior brother, Robert Dawuni, was also just sworn in as the new Chief of this budding community on March 26, 2013.

My mother Asibi Dawuni, former Queen Mother of Bunbon has been the bedrock of all the celebration and intensity of our many cultural traditions in this one-week event. She has constantly provided direction and guidance to my family, all our people and me.

2013-04-02-RockyDawuniw_motheranddaughter.jpgRocky Dawuni with his mother Asibi Dawuni and daughter Safiyah Dawuni. Photo credit: Cary Sullivan

My song "Extraordinary Woman" celebrates this spirit of womanhood, as demonstrated by all women like my mother who are the enduring foundation of communities, societies and by extension all of humanity.

"Extraordinary Woman"
Words and music by Rocky Dawuni
Rocky Dawuni Music BMI


You are the one who make me smile

You make me see what's pure and true

Yes you are Extraordinary Woman

You are the one who brings me joy to cast my every lingering doubt that you are Extraordinary Woman

Your love is healing when I need it that good good feeling with a meaning you all you do in ordinary ways


Woman your sweetness brings me happiness like the rain to

the thirsty earth

Truly we are meant to be together cause everything feels so right



When I first saw you in the crowd sweet emotions swept right through soul

Yes you are extraordinary woman

You are the light when all goes dark

To love you is my only goal

Yes you are extraordinary Woman

I wanna love you if you want me I wanna love you if you need me

We do all we do in ordinary world


Woman -- express your deepest desire and I'll confess my deepest urge

Could you could you could you be the queen of my ordinary castle and I promise to be a worthy King


Extraordinary woman, extra-ordinary woman! Ordinary ways....

(repeat till fade)

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