'Rocky Horror Picture Show' Cast Reunites For 40th Anniversary

Giving yourself over to absolute pleasure means looking at a 40-year reunion, right?

Initial critical panning and lackluster ticket sales didn't keep "Rocky Horror Picture Show" from becoming arguably the most recognizable cult movie in the American canon.

Now, 40 years after its initial release, the cast is making the publicity rounds, telling anyone who will listen how it's been a time warp since 1975.

Entertainment Weekly gathered the cast together for their reunion issue and on Tuesday, "Today" sat down with Barry Bostwick, Susan Sarandon, Meat Loaf, Patricia Quinn and Tim Curry.

This is the first time the cast has reunited in 25 years.

Bostwick, Quinn and Nell Campbell recently attended The Rocky Horror 40th Anniversary Convention in New York City, which premiered the documentary, "Rocky Horror Saved My Life," about what fandom of the movie has meant to thousands across the country.


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